Dec 172012
Sump Pallet

4 Drum Sump Pallet

Before you Buy a Sump Tray there are a 2 main options to consider.

  • I would suggest that the starting point would be: Type of sump tray material.

The construction material for the sump tray is linked directly to the type of product to be stored.

Sump Trays are normally constructed from Steel, GRP or Polypropylene (PE).

Steel sumps are particularly recommended for highly flammable liquids but they are heavy and prone to corrosion.

GRP is a very strong and stable and is useful if a high degree of chemical resistance is required or space or weight are big considerations.

Polyethylene sumps are ideal for many liquids and offer excellent value for money.

Polyethylene sumps are usually manufactured in two ways: Injection Moulded or Rotational Moulded. Polyethylene sumps are the most popular ranges.

  • What size of Sump Tray: The first consideration is clearly the size required for the containers stored.

However: Most regulations, and therefore the industry norm, calculate the volume of the sump required as 110% of the largest container stored or 25% of the aggregate volume of several containers, whichever is the greater.

The sump should be large enough to encompass the primary container and any ancilliary equipment used, such as pump. It should be robust enough to resist normal loadings and daily use.

Storage N Stuff offer a vast range of Sump Pallets and Drum Handling Equipment.

All Storage N Stuff products are High Quality, offered with Fast Delivery at the Best UK Prices.

Dec 042012

Before you buy your snow plough for home or office exterior use there are some important points to consider.

Snow Ploughs and Salt & Grit Bins are always a panic purchase. Once the snow starts to fall there is always a shortage of the correct products to keep your premises operating.

Storage N Stuff offers a wide choice of snow clearance tools for the winter months.

When choosing a conventional hand snow plough for the removal of fresh snow from drives and pavements, you may wish to consider the steel blade range of snow ploughs with a choice of blade width. The 500mm blade width snow plough is designed for walkways, the larger 955mm width blade is more suited for building access areas.

For a more robust solution for industrial premises we would recommend the snow plough attachment for fork lift trucks.

Snow Plough Attachment for Fork Lift trucks

Snow Plough Attachment for Fork Lift Trucks

An important point would be to consider purchasing an additional rubber wear strip that fits directly onto the snow plough blade.

Grit and Salt Bins are also usually a last minute purchase – Storage N Stuff offer a vast range of Grit Bins in many colours – including the very popular Mini Grit Bins and the Forest Green Grit Bins that are available in 100L, 200L & 400L versions.

Rock Salt can be ordered with the Grit Bins, saving a great deal of time and effort.

All Storage N Stuff Grit & Salt Bins are offered with Free Delivery and a Free Scoop.

Salt Shovels and Grit Spreaders complete the product portfolio of Snow Clearance Tools & Equipment – all at the very best UK prices from Storage N Stuff Ltd.


Nov 302012

Our High Quality Euro Containers are one of the Best Selling ranges from Storage N Stuff.

Before you Buy Euro Containers there are a number of observations that could help with your product choice:

Euro Containers are offered in a number of sizes and this is ususally specified in two different ways:

  • Capacity in Litres
  • Footprint size – External Length x External Width

Storage N Stuff offer a wide choice of Euro Containers from 5L Capacity up to 134L Capacity.

Euro Container popular sizes are L600 x W400mm / L400 x W300mm /L800 x W600mm / L300 x W200mm.

The important point to watch for here, is that when stacking Euro Containers – it is the footprint size that is important. The same rules apply to Euro Container accessories such as Euro Container Dollys – as the 600 x 400mm footprint is the most common size used in industry.

The capacity of the Euro Containers is decided by the height of the sides (once the footprint has been decided) and this offers the choice of capacity.

The last point to note is that Euro Containers are available with profiled carry handles or open sided handles and this depends upon the type of products being stored or transported.

Euro Containers are the ideal product for small parts storage or transportation of goods and many types of Euro Container Trolleys are available from Storage N Stuff.

Alternative products to Euro Containers are: 180 Degrees Containers, Stack & Nest Containers and the industry standard Distribution Containers

Euro Containers

A wide range of Quality Euro Containers


Storage N Stuff offer a vast range on Industrial Storage Containers and Boxes.


Nov 212012
Hotel & Catering Trolley

Top Quality Tray Trolleys at low prices from Storage N Stuff

Before you Buy Tray & Shelf Trolleys

Tray and Shelf Trolleys are made in all shapes & sizes and in many different materials & colours.

This Before you Buy guide attempts to simplify the decision making process from the myriad of Tray Trolleys that are available on the UK market.

One thought process is to look at the products to be moved or relocated, but this may create just as many alternative complications. Therefore it may be wise to narrow down the choice criteria: and make the following analysis by industry type.

Lightweight  Products. Consider: Hotel Trolleys, Catering Trolleys, Health & Beauty Trolleys. Canteen & Catering Tray Trolleys

Medium Weight Products. Consider: Workshop Trolleys, Tool Trolleys, Factory & Production Trolleys, Basket Trolleys,

Heavy Weight Products. Consider: Service Trolleys, Engineering Trolleys, Machine Parts Trolleys, Heavy Duty Production Trolleys, Stainless Steel trolleys

Industrial Products. Consider: Industrial Oils & Solvent Trolleys, Chemicals Trolleys & Heavy Industrial Steel Tray Trolleys.

At this stage the choice has been narrowed down.

The next consideration: What is the weight of the product to be moved? All good quality industrial trolleys will show their maximum load capacity in the specifications. Most good quality industrial trolleys will show the maximum UDL (uniformly distributed load) per shelf.

The final consideration: What sort of ground will the trolley need to travel over? Heavy duty solid wheels are usually fine for internal use, however for external use – pneumatic tyres often provide the ideal solution.

Storage N Stuff offers a vast range of Tray Trolleys to meet the most discerning requirements of their customers.

If you need further clarification before you buy your Tray Trolleys please call Storage N Stuff on 0845 873 4840 or e mail: and we will be delighted to help with your product choice.


Nov 192012
Barton Panel & Barton TC Containers

Barton Louvered Panel & Barton Containers

Louvered Panels for Plastic Bins & Small Parts Storage Containers.

Louvered Panels provide an ideal solution for Plastic Storage Bins, Bin Kits or bespoke storage solutions. The requirement for louvered panels to support or hold plastic storage bins or containers is often overlooked.

The aim of this document is facilitate the product choice for an immediate small purchase or indeed assist with product choice for a global small parts storage solution.

Our recommendation would be to start with the small parts storage container or bin.

The obvious criteria for purchasing small parts containers are:

  • Size of the products to be stored
  • Size of Bin Required
  • Weight of the products to be stored
  • Number of items to be stored
  • Do the products need to be segregated and indeed could the small parts storage container be divided for space optimisation?

Once you have made these crucial decisions then the ‘not so’ obvious questions should be considered:

  • Will you mount the containers onto a Wall Mounted Louvered Panel?
  • How much space do you have available on a wall for the panels?
  • Would you consider a free standing louvered panel (Spacemaster)?
  • Would it be better to have the louvered panel on a trolley – for example for use on production lines?

Now the important questions:

  1. How many bins fit onto a Louvered Panel?
  2. Do all bins fit all louvered panels?

At Storage N Stuff Ltd we sell only Barton Storage Bins and Barton Storage Louvered Panels.

All Barton Bins fit all Barton Louvered Panels.

To calculate the number of Small Parts Bins that fit a Louvred Panel: There is a simple formula.

  1. Each Panel has a number of Louvres.
  2. Each Container has a Louvre Value.
  3. Therefore divide the Number of Louvres by the Louvre Value and then you have the answer.

Please see the link below:

TC Bin & Louvered Panel Calculator (pdf) »

Storage N Stuff offer a vast range of High Quality Louvered Panels and Small Parts Storage Bins & Containers with the Best UK prices.










Nov 132012
Ecorax Best Priced Shelving

Ecorax Shelving has an impressive 265Kg UDL

Before You Buy Shelving and Racking  it is important to know there are hundreds of alternative storage solutions on the UK market.

Shelving and Racking prices vary tremendously – usually because of the quality, therefore it is important that you choose the correct product.

There are a number of considerations before placing your order for shelving or racking.

This guide is designed to simplify the first part of your decision making process for the purchase of standard shelving & racking.

From basic office shelving, right up to pallet racking and total warehouse racking solutions: If you are looking for advice for light & medium duty shelving – then keep on reading.

For warehouse installations of heavy duty racking – then we suggest you speak with a recognised installer of warehouse racking – of which there are many.

When looking for a simple solution for an office or workshop or garage then here are some guidelines:

  • Understand the total weight of the goods that you wish to store per shelf. Most manufacturers specify a UDL (uniformly distributed load per shelf). With products evenly distributed on the shelf – this load should NEVER be exceeded.
  • Always consider that the heavier loads are better placed on the lower shelves to prevent shelving tipping forward – better still ensure that the shelving is secured to the adjacent wall.
  • Some manufacturers will recommend the minimum number of shelves that have to be used to ensure that the bay of shelving is robust. Revoval of shelves usually means that overall strength of the bay is weakened.
  • With most industrial installations it is more common to see a run of shelving or racking than a single bay. To reduce cost many shelving & racking initial bays can be extended with a extension bay – meaning the uprights of the initial bay form part of the extended bay.

Storage N Stuff offer a number of shelving solutions from basic economy shelving, to Ecorax Shelving and Shelving Kits, up to our Premium range: Toprax shelving and Toprax Shelving Kits.

  1. Ecorax is our very latest addition to our product portfolio. Each shelf has a UDL of 265Kg and a very smart finish. All components are lightweight and the entire bay is totally bolt free. Ecorax is is available as a stand alone shelving system or with a choice of 5 different storage kit solutions.
  2. Toprax is our Premium Range of shelving – Our Flagship product. High quality smooth finished uprights with clear unlimited entry. Toprax shelving can be supplied as a stand alone system or with a multitude of bin storage kits.

Both Ecorax and Toprax are offered at unbeatable UK prices from Storage N Stuff.

Nov 132012

Slim Jims

Recycling is a high on the agenda of most companies, and most individuals. Waste Segmentation and Recycling appears to be more and more complex, however here is some good news that may just help to simplify this very important topic.

Introducing WRAP: Waste & Resources Action Programme.

Waste colour coding explained

WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) is a government initiative setup to prevent waste and increase recycling. As part of their policy they have developed a UK standard colour coding for the various recyclable waste streams.

Whilst you don’t have to comply with this, it is fast becoming the industry standard and may even become mandatory in the future.

To help our customers choose compatible products; we only stock recycle bin lids in WRAP colours where possible.

All of our stickers are WRAP compliant so if you are not sure what colour fits your waste stream please call us at Storage N Stuff: 0844 873 4840

For more information on recycling – please click on the link:

For compliant recycling bins have a look at our Slim Jim Recycling Bins or the New to the UK Market Ubins.

Storage N Stuff offer a wide range of recycling bins predominantly focused on the industrial / commercial user.

Nov 132012
Welded Seams Flammable Liquids Cabinets

DSEAR ACoP approved storage cabinets

Whilst an earlier posted Storage N Stuff blog explains the importance of product segmentation – when dealing with Flammable Liquids and COSHH products, this blog is aimed at people looking to buy Flammable Liquids Storage Cabinets, or Flammable Liquid Storage Cupboards.

The name Cabinets and Cupboards is the main reason for any confusion.

Flammable Liquids need to be stored in the correct type of Cabinet.

The DSEAR ACoP L136 paragraphs 94-96 (Dangerous Substance & Explosive Atmosphere Regulations 2002 – Approved Code of Practice) along with Appendices A & B and paragraph 104 detail the performance requirements for fire resisting cupboards and bins. They do not specify an absolute test or standard for the cabinets or bins, rather they relate to the nominal construction principles. Namely:

  1. The materials used to form the top, bottom, sides, doors, lid and back provide a fire resistance of 30 minutes.
  2. All joints at corners should be free from openings or gaps.
  3. Doors/Lids should be close fitting to the frame of the cabinet/bin such that there is a nominal overlap between the frame and lid/doors in their closed position.
  4. That all materials used in the construction of the cabinet/bin should have a melting point greater than 750°C.

The importance of compliance to the above must not be underestimated.

There are many companies selling Flammable Liquids Storage Cupboards in the UK and in many cases the products do not comply.

Important: We would recommend that any cupboard to be used for the storage of Flammable Liquids or COSHH products – should be fully welded on all seams.

All Flammable Liquids Storage Cabinets supplied by Storage N Stuff meet the DSEAR regulations. If in doubt – ALWAYS check with your supplier BEFORE purchase.

Oct 262012
TC Containers

Barton TC Bins & Barton NXT-GEN Bins represent excellent value for money.

Small Parts Storage Bins are an essential requirement in the workplace. From nuts & bolts in the workshop, right up to medical products in hospitals, small parts storage bins are the ideal solution.

Before you Buy your Small Parts Storage Bins or Containers there are some considerations:

  1. Where do you want the bins to be kept?
  2. Will you stack the bins on top of each other?
  3. Do you want to fix the bins to a Louvered Wall Mounted Panel?
  4. Do you want the bins to fit a Bench Stand or a Carousel?

Once you have answered these questions, then it is simply a choice of size or colour. EXCEPT at Storage N Stuff we offer two alternative types of Small Parts Storage Bins:

Barton TC  Bins and Barton NXT-GEN Bins.

So the next question is: What is the difference between a Barton TC Bin and a Barton NXT-GEN bin?

  • Barton TC Bins are offered in 5 different colours + Electroconductive Black TC Bins. Barton NXT-GEN Bins are only offered in Red, White or Blue.
  • Barton TC Bins & Barton NXT-GEN Bins both stack – however most of the Barton NXT-GEN Bins can be subdivided to offer further product segmentation.
  • Barton NXT-GEN Bins nest into each other when not in use – whereas Barton TC Bins don’t nest.

Storage N Stuff offers a vast solution of Small Parts Storage Solutions at the most competitive UK prices.

The Barton TC Bins and Barton NXT-GEN Bins are top quality products.

Oct 252012
DSEAR Approved Flammable Liquids Cabinets

Fully welded flammable storage cabinets.

Before you Buy a COSHH Cabinet or Flammable Liquids Cabinet for your business, – there are many considerations before purchasing.

The most commonly asked questions are:

1. What products can I store in a COSHH Cabinet?
2. Why should I buy a COSHH cabinet as opposed to a Flammable Liquids Storage Cabinet?
3. Can you put both Flammable Liquids and COSHH liquids in the same cabinet?
4. Prices of COSHH cabinets vary from different resellers – so why is this?

So before you buy either a Flammable Liquids Storage Cabinet or a COSHH Cabinet it is essential that you have the answers to these questions.

To give a relatively simple answer to this complicated question – the following gives you a good insight:

  1. COSHH cabinets are obligatory in all workplace environments – and the rule of thumb is that you should only store products that have a COSHH label on them in a COSHH cabinet.
  2. COSHH products can be the normal type of products that you find in a home environment – Bleach being a typical COSHH liquid. Always read the product label for recommended storage.
  3. You should NEVER mix product types within the same cabinet – therefore COSHH and FLAMMABLE products should NEVER be stored together. Without going too deep  into the many reasons  for this – the rule of thumb is that in the event of an incident, the combination of both types of liquids in the same cabinet could be catastophic. If you add the the additional impact of Acid liquids – then it becomes obvious that Acids Liquids should again be stored in a separate cabinet.
  4. When choosing a Flammable Liquids storage cabinet ALWAYS ensure that the cabinet that you select meets the DSEAR ACoP (Dangerous Substance & Explosive Atmosphere Regulations 2002 – Approved Code of Practice)

This before you buy guide to COSHH cabinets is to simplify the product selection process. Before buying any cupboard for the storage of COSHH or Flammable Liquids – our first recommendation would be: Check that the cupboard has fully welded seamscupboards with riveted panels normally do not comply with legislation.

For specific advice on different types of Hazardous Materials Storage we would recommend that you contact your local Health & Safety Executive Department.

Always check with experts before storing hazardous products.

Storage N Stuff offer a wide range of quality UK manufactured COSHH, Flammable Liquids, Acids, and Agrochemical Storage Cabinets.